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Fear of Service? Here's Your Cure

Overcome your dread at this workshop, December 5 


New Alateen Meetings in Corte Madera, Sundays

The long-awaited southern Marin meetings start October 15. 


Al-Anon's New Daily Reader Wants YOU

An urgent call for submissions to a new Al-Anon daily reader specifically designed to speak to "today's membership."


Book Prices

For general information about Al-Anon literature, click here.

For anyone who would like to order 2016 Conference Approved Literature directly from the Marin Al-Anon Book Depot, please use this modified S-16 WSO price list, which shows you how to total your purchase and add the appropriate California sales tax to your order. For the Marin price list, click here

To purchase Conference Approved Literature and find prices for books in languages other than English, click here to use the order form for other languages.  

For District 11 group representatives who would like to view the list of Conference Approved Literature and the prices you should be charging to your group members (which include California Sales Tax), click here

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