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Annual 10:00am Step Study Meeting November 22

Join the Al-Anon 10:00am Step Study Meeting for its Annual Sharing of Gratitude!!!!


District 3 Fire Devastation

NCWSC District 3 Fire Devastation


Save the Date

Thursday 10:00 am Step Study Meeting December Potluck!!!


What is a "Closed" meeting?

Can I attend a "Closed" meeting?

Al-Anon's Third tradition states in part, "The only requirement for membership is that there be a problem of alcoholism in a relative or friend."

If you suspect that a friend or relative has, or has had, a problem with alcohol, then you are welcome to attend meetings whether they are designated as "closed" or not.

Membership in Al-Anon is self-declared. 

There are no dues or fees for membership. 

The following table can help you determine which type of meeting is right for you.

Find the reason for wanting to attend the meeting on the right hand side, then follow the row over to Open and Closed meeting designation to find out what types of meetings are right for you. 


Reason for wanting to attend meeting: Open Meeting Closed Meetings
Parent or sibling of someone with alcohol or drug problem. Whether they acknowledge the problem or not. Yes Yes
Spouse of someone with alcohol or drug problem.  Yes Yes
Child of an adult or guardian whose current or past drinking has troubled you. Yes Yes
Relative of someone with an alcohol or drug problem. Yes Yes
Friend or employee of someone whose alcohol or drug use bothers you. Yes Yes

Member of press or blogging community on assignment or looking for background information.

(Please note, if you are a member of the press contacting our Public Relations coordinator is highly recommended, we would love to help inform the public in a responsible manner.)

Yes No

Psychology, Psychiatry, or other therapeutic counseling student assigned the attendance of a meeting as an educational assignment. 

(Please note, if you are a student assigned the attendance of a meeting as a class condition please contact our Public Relations coordinator. They will be happy to help guide you to appropriate open meetings and will be happy to provide you with literature and other information about our program.)

Yes No


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