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Fear of Service? Here's Your Cure

Overcome your dread at this workshop, December 5 


New Alateen Meetings in Corte Madera, Sundays

The long-awaited southern Marin meetings start October 15. 


Al-Anon's New Daily Reader Wants YOU

An urgent call for submissions to a new Al-Anon daily reader specifically designed to speak to "today's membership."



Al-Anon's New Daily Reader Wants YOU

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Click here for submission guidelines!

Says the representative from Al-Anon's World Service Office:

We continue to need sharings for the new daily reader. For most of our literature, we simply ask members to send us their recovery stories, but this new daily reader has some specific requirements:  

The entire sharing is no longer than 275 words, so that it can fit onto a single page in the book.

The sharing focuses on a single insight that you, as the member sharing, found helpful in your personal growth and recovery. It applies an Al-Anon principle—a slogan, a Step, Tradition, or Concept; the Serenity Prayer; or other Al-Anon tool—to a real-life problem or challenge.

The sharing gives some flavor of who you are as an individual. It gives us a glimpse into your personal life and life situation. This personal perspective helps to convey the rich diversity of personal experience that we share as a fellowship. Indicating this diversity can be challenging, since our books don’t include the names, faces, or voices of those who write. Because gender, age, relationship to the alcoholic, etc., are not always evident from members’ writings, it is up to each writer to make our fellowship’s diversity more apparent and exemplify the inclusiveness of our program by revealing details about themselves as they focus on a particular program topic or idea.

The purpose of including a wide variety of experiences is not to separate and divide us by our differences, but in belief that, as it states in One Day at a Time in Al Anon (B-6), “The more varied the experience, the greater the strength and hope.”

Please fax, mail or email your completed share to:

Al-Anon Family Groups Headquarters, Inc.

1600 Corporate Landing Parkway

Virginia Beach, VA 23454-5617

Attn: New Daily Reader


Fax: 757-563-1655


email:   (Please put "New Daily Reader" in the subject line.)


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