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Thursday, November 28, Thanksgiving Meeting, 10:00am

 Topic: Gratitude


Serenity Strolls Are Back

 Sunday, November 17, 2019 through Sunday, December 15, 2015; start time 9:00am



Alateen Coordinator

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Dear District 11, and especially our GRs, I made a mistake and need to make amends to you. 


In my zeal and excitement in finding a new Alateen Coordinator, I neglected to follow Area Guidelines (B-17) and allowed Jesse, who is not an AMIAS (Alateen Member in Alateen Service) become Alateen Coordinator. I did not do my homework, instead applying our district norms to this sensitive coordinator position. The B-17 Guideline clearly states that an Alateen Coordinator must be an AMIAS. There is no grace period in which to become one; you must be a current AMIAS to be Alateen Coordinator. I apologize. To you and to Jesse, who accepted the position in good faith, with guidance from the district that he could become an AMIAS while being coordinator.  


In addition, another Al-Anon member, who is an AMIAS, has put their name forward as a candidate for Alateen Coordinator. To correct my error, we need to hold an election. In good faith fairness to all interested parties, we will hold the election at our November/December meeting (held Tues. Dec. 3.). This will allow Jesse, and any other interested people, time to become an AMIAS. This is also an invitation to all qualified candidates to stand. 


Please announce again at your meetings that we are looking for candidates for Alateen Coordinator and will hold an election on December 3. I’ve attached a job description and flyer below. 


Again, I apologize for my lack of thoroughness.


Much love, Lynn



Click here for job description.




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