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Fear of Service? Here's Your Cure

Overcome your dread at this workshop, December 5 


New Alateen Meetings in Corte Madera, Sundays

The long-awaited southern Marin meetings start October 15. 


Al-Anon's New Daily Reader Wants YOU

An urgent call for submissions to a new Al-Anon daily reader specifically designed to speak to "today's membership."



Color Your World with Recovery

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Hundreds of people and tons of recovery from all colors of the rainbow will be at your fingertips -- in both English and Spanish -- at the 2015 Northern California Al-Anon/Atlateen Convention, just weeks away in Modesto. Our District is trying to organize carpools to the event; contact your group rep or email us via our contact page for more information. In the meantime:

View the Convention program, page one and page two

Click here for the Convention flyer and registration form

Click here for the Alateen registration form

Click here for the Alateen safety guidelins

Also, the Convention is in need of a treasurer. This is a great service opportunity, and is specific only to the Convention, so short-term. Click here for more info. 

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