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Coordinator Positions Available

For All Service Minded Members!!!!


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Coordinator Positions Available

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Date: January 10, 2019 at 9:02:46 AM PST

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Subject: [ncwsc] Coordinator Positions Available for Service Minded Members [1 Attachment]





Hello dear Service Family!

Why not welcome the New Year by letting your members know about two available service positions at the Area level.

Area service provides unique opportunities for practicing our spiritual principles while working with others.   


The two positions available are:


Diversity Coordinator - this amazing position supports our outreach efforts of bringing the message of Al-Anon to "Anyone Anywhere".  What interesting and creative ideas do you or your members have to help get the message of Al-Anon translated and brought to a broader community?


Alternate Alateen Coordinator - Who wouldn't want to work with Alateens?  These amazing young members of Al-Anon, bring a fresh perspective on recovery.  Listening, sharing and being a part of the Alateen world can bring a colorful spark to your life - especially if you were affected by alcoholism in your early years.  Working with our current Alateen Coordinator, DeDe W is a wish come true...


I have attached the Guideline for Diversity Coordinator.  Should you or any of your members wish to stand for either of these positions, please contact me directly at:


Thank you for your service!

Service in Unity

Darby T

NCWSA Chairperson


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