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Dear District 11, following up on the Cross-talk conversation at Assembly, I’m forwarding 2 attachments on the topic as well as input below from experienced, trusted servants. 


It was lovely to see you this weekend!


Much love, Lynn





I was shown this article from the Forum on Crosstalk. And as was mentioned, I  believe that since Al-Anon does not have an opinion on this topic, it's really up to the groups to determine how they wish to conduct their groups. 

Wouldn't this mean that the groups can define the meaning of "Crosstalk?”


Chris, Alt Delegate



Hello all,


As further info on Crosstalk, I received the attached material during my time as Delegate and Trustee.  Take what you like and leave the rest.


I was told that the terms “Crosstalk” and “qualifier” both came from treatment programs, not Al-Anon Family Groups.  Also, if your group has readings on Crosstalk, they were created by someone in your group.


Obviously, this is up to a group conscience by your groups, so take what you like and leave the rest.


Yours in Service,


Sandi C, former Delegate and WSC Trustee


Click here and here to see attachments:




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