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Saturday Parent's Al-Anon Meeting

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{also available for an unlimited time under "Resources,--> Speaker Meetings"}  

As our GR, Marguerite, mentioned to you, Lynn, starting this past December, our Saturday meeting has been recording our weekly speakers with their permission. At this point, we have about 18 speaker audio recordings available on our audio webpage by our Al-Anon members who speak and who have given their permission beforehand. 


We post these audio recordings at this web location:


People can stream or download audio recordings by accessing this site.


As our Group Rep, Marguerite indicated, we'd like to arrange to have this web address available to anyone who visits the District's website or who access the online Al-Anon schedule for the District. Would it be possible to include this website address on the District's "Resources/Speaker Recordings" page and also have the web address listed as part of our meeting details on the "Meetings" page on the District website? Maybe something like this:


10:00 am - 11:30 am

Parents' Meeting (speaker meeting, Step study 1st Sat. of month)

United Methodist Church of Mill Valley (Fellowship Hall)

410 Sycamore Avenue , Mill Valley 

Open, wheelchair accessible, babysitting provided

Speaker recordings available at



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