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Fear of Service? Here's Your Cure

Overcome your dread at this workshop, December 5 


New Alateen Meetings in Corte Madera, Sundays

The long-awaited southern Marin meetings start October 15. 


Al-Anon's New Daily Reader Wants YOU

An urgent call for submissions to a new Al-Anon daily reader specifically designed to speak to "today's membership."



Welcome to the new District 11 Website!

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Welcome to the new District 11 Al-Anon website. This website was designed to be for people looking for information on Al-Anon, Al-Anon members, and District 11 business. The groundwork for the website was laid by the website committee. The basic site map, technologies, and hosting were chosen in the pre-production phase. The design and development of the site was a volunteer effort from within the committee. Later in the process other District members helped with content creation and editing. Now that the site is deployed it is maintained by a new District position of Website Coordinator and other district members who are responsible for different areas of the site.

Our idea for this site is to serve as a repository for wisdom and inspiration in our Al-Anon fellowship. We hope to grow in the area of member writing submissions. We are able to accept more content in the areas of Member Stories, Quotes and Sayings, or writings on anonymity, service, or sponsorship. If you are interested in contributing to the site or have comments to make about the site, please use the contact form.


This website is built on the Website Baker open source content management system. This system was chosen for ease of use and allows multiple people to make edits and additions to the site using a web-based interface. The news feature is a stock Website Baker module. The meetings database feature was developed for this project. We are using the Linux/Apache/MySql/PHP platform and Maiahost for hosting.

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