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Serenity Strolls Are Back

 Sunday, November 17, 2019 through Sunday, December 15, 2015; start time 9:00am


Alateen Coordinator

Area (B-17) Guidelines 


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District 11 Service

District 11 Business Meetings

The fourth Tuesday of each month, 7:00-8:30 pm (except for November and December, when they are combined and held on the first Tuesday of December).

Unitarian Universalist Congregation of Marin
Wright Room (downstairs)
240 Channing Way, Terra Linda (San Rafael)

District 11 Service Positions

Most of this information is found in the Al-Anon Alateen Service Manual.  Additional information that relates to District 11 is included. Please note that most district-level service positions require a three-year commitment, monthly attendance at district meetings, and at least a year of membership in Al-Anon. 


Events Coordinator- Is activated when an event needs leadership. (As in now, for our 2015 Dance in September 2015.) Can be a one-time position, or ongoing, if member is interested.  Chairs event subcommittee, presents regular reports at District Meeting for duration of planning and carrying out particular event. 

Diversity Coordinator - Works to make Marin Al-Anon's meetings, events, and outreach as culturally-sensitive as possible. Ideally the diversity coordinator will be Spanish-speaking and able to work as a liason and support person for local Spanish-speaking meetings and communities. 


District Representative (DR - Officer) - Organizes and chairs monthly District Meetings and related duties, assists the NCWSA Delegate in informing the groups, keeps in touch with GRs and visits groups in the district, and is able to sign checks for district account.  This individual must have served as a GR previous to being elected as DR to at three-year term, which normally coincides with election of NCWSA Delegate and NCWSA Officers and Coordinators.

Alternate District Representative (Alt DR - Officer) - Attends all meetings DR attends, completes DR term if needed, assists with District Meetings, aids in visiting district groups, may organize and present study of service topics at District meetings, and may serve in additional service capacity such as Alateen District Process Person as needed.

Recording Secretary (Officer) - Takes minutes of all District Meetings and distributes to participants.  In future, may handle all attendance at District Meeting and Groups Records information requested by NCWSA Group Records Coordinator.

Budget Coordinator - Creates annual budget and monitors income and expenses of district to help district stay financially responsible, providing monthly updates at District Meeting.

Mail Coordinator - Retrieves all mail from District P.O. Box, distributes bills to Treasurer in timely way, passing out remaining mail at District Meetings.

Public Outreach Coordinator
- Is responsible for organizing and implementing outreach activities in District 11 to keep public aware of Al-Anon and Alateen as resource for potential members.  Makes monthly reports at District Meeting.

Institutions Coordinator-
Organizes and implements Al-Anon informational and regular meetings within various institutions around the District.  Provides regular reports to District Meeting.

Website Coordinator
- Is responsible for ongoing operation of District 11 website, with team of members who assist in maintenance of site.  Coordinates with World Service Office (WSO) and Northern California World Service Association (NCWSA) to keep information current and accurately represent Al-Anon principles.  May include news and events such as Newsletter Editor has done in past.  Provides monthly reports at District Meeting.

Literature Depot Coordinators
- A two-person position.  Are responsible for organizing, inventorying, ordering and selling literature at a monthly time and location, currently same night as District Meeting, so that meetings and individuals can obtain literature.


Meeting List Coordinator - Maintains master list of all meetings and events for District 11, updates District websites, mails updated lists to approximately 50 groups & individuals, purchases supplies for printing and mailing lists, and distributes lists to GRs monthly at the District Meeting.

Alateen District Process Person - the DAPP is responsible for safety paperwork and procedures for all eligible Alateen sponsors.  Works closely with Alateen Coordinator, District Representative, and NCWSA Process Person.

Telephone Service Coordinator - Coordinates telephone coverage for district phone line, so that incoming calls are retrieved and returned in accordance with Al-Anon principles and District needs.  Informs District of ongoing needs.

Treasurer (Officer) - Handles all income and expenses for the district, including group donations, all bills, all Book Depot purchases and income from sales of books, plus sales tax on the books sold, and makes monthly report at District Meeting.

Alateen Coordinator - Oversees operation of all Alateen meetings and functions in District.  Stays in close touch with Alateen Process Person and all Alateen Sponsors.  Attends regional Alateen gatherings as needed.


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