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A Letter of Encouragement to Myself

I have reached a place in my life where all of my time and energy needs to be focused on feeling exactly the way I want to every day, all the time, and in all situations.

I have spent a lifetime being responsible for myself and others and deserve to reap the benefits now.

Others, (my family members) of course, have not, and want me to continue to fix whatever they are UNWILLING to do for themselves.  I had to learn what my capabilities were and so do they now. I’ll let them!

Family situations that are not successful are difficult to watch, but if I “Let Go and Let God”, I stop watching! I am taking care of my-self one day at a time and provide the other family members with a broken record response like “if you are calling to tell me something positive, I will listen, if not, I’m hanging up.”  Trust me, “If they can hook me emotionally, I am hooked.  I have managed to learn and apply the principles of Al-Anon of “a good life”, now please enjoy it.

When my family members learn to take responsibility for their own actions, they will hopefully, call me and thank me for the love and support I have always provided.  I am sure they love me deeply.  Right now they aren’t capable to admit they made poor choices.  Their lack of contact is their issue, not mine.

Always, always remember: Trust in God no matter what.  Trust in God no matter how long it takes, and trust myself that all will be well.


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