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A Spiritual Awakening

My mind was so full of all the Al-Anon program puzzle pieces.
The serenity prayer, the slogan box, the God box, the journal, the “3 C’s”
(didn’t cause it, cannot control it and certainly cannot cure it), the “3 A’s” (Awareness, Acceptance and Action / Letting Go and Let God/Surrender, the “4 M’s” (Martyrdom, Managing, Manipulation and Mothering), The 12 Steps, Traditions and Concepts, the “5 definitions of FEAR (f… everything and run, false evidence appearing real, future events already ruined, forget every available resource, and FACE EVERYTHING AND RECOVER), meetings, meditations, service, speaking, shares, stories, sponsorship, anonymity, etc. 

Then one day, I heard a speaker refer to the March 14th reading in “Hope for Today” that our 12 steps in Al-Anon are grouped into 4 categories.
Giving Up; Owning Up; Making up; and Keeping Up. Something in my brain started clicking.  Wow, I finally get it. At that time I was working on my sixth step.  I went home and started writing into my journal.

Step 1 to 3 are all about Giving Up.  Through practicing the “3 A’s”, Awareness, Acceptance, and Action I am Letting Go and Letting God, and through Faith and Trust I learn to surrender my life and Self-will to God as I understood Him.

Steps 4 to 6 are all about Owning Up.  Again Awareness and opening my-self up, by digging deep, by taking a searching and fearless inventory of my-self, sharing all my assets and defects with God and another person will make me humble and prepare me for the next steps.  I am actually practicing Humility and God’s will.

Steps 7-9 are all about Making Up. I humbly ask God to remove all my shortcomings.  I am getting ready to make amends to God, my-self and others I have harmed.  This will open me to be able to love my-self, and others as well as enables me to finally be able to forgive my-self and others.  It is called cleaning house or our slate.  I now can practice Love and Forgiveness. 

Steps 10-12 are all about Keeping Up.  I continue to keep taking my personal inventory daily.  I quickly make amends and ask for forgiveness.  Then through prayer and meditation I am finally able to maintain my conscious contact with God, serenity and keep peace in my heart.  Now I set out to carry this message to others by sharing my experiences, strengths and hopes, by caring with kindness, by doing service, by sponsoring others and by continuing going to meetings and setting a good example. I make amends to all people I have harmed by living the twelve Steps.

Practicing the Twelve Steps on a daily basis will bring me Serenity always.



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