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In God's time, not in my time

I had decided it was a perfect time for my family to have a cultural vacation.   Being the card carrying co-dependent I am, I went full speed ahead planning the perfect trip to Mexico letting everyone know that this was my desire and asking (but not really) if they would like to participate in such a summer.

I had chosen a terrific 3br/3bath house with views of the lake, great airfares, and lined up all kinds of things to keep everyone entertained.  Just to make sure everyone got something good out of this trip, I decided it was perfect that my son would have a massive amount of dental work done at a clinic while we were there and my granddaughter would be in this very nice archaeological summer camp.  I had it all figured out but something started to feel wrong about all my planning.   What was missing was that necessary enthusiasm from the other participants.   My 13 yr-old granddaughter had said point blank that she did NOT want to go to Mexico and my son seemed to be dragging his feet, too. 

The day of the trip came and I was the only one on that plane and the only one in that 3br house in Mexico when I arrived there.   I spent about 10 seconds thinking it over and realizing I had a choice to be miserably alone and resentful or call all my friends and invite them down.  I was burned out from taking care of everyone for the past 3 years anyway so the prospect of having a perfectly free time with other adults did appeal to me.   As it happened, before that month was over, I had six different friends visiting at different times and had a better time than I could have ever planned with the help of my Higher Power who knew exactly what I needed.  I needed to learn how to step out for a time out and let my family learn to be without me. 

Thank God for my Higher Power and thank God for timing………………



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