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My sponsor suggested as I begin my 4th Step to choose five people in my life that I admire and respect the most.

I prayed:  “God, help me see the beauty and the good in people and in life.  Help me be aware of what I like in others, so that I can better define what I aspire to become.”

So I chose five people in my life whom I like and respect. 
I made a list of their qualities that I admire.
I see now how many of these qualities I might correctly use to describe my-self, as well.  If I don’t believe I already possess these qualities, could I be selling my-self short?
Or do these qualities describe who I aspire to be?  If I define some new aspirations, I will transfer them to my goal list. I then will see how easy it is to begin defining and clarifying my dreams.

Affirmations/Attributes:  Active, adventurous, affectionate, agreeable, ambitious, amiable, amusing, appreciative, articulate, artistic, assertive, attentive, attractive, athletic, balanced,  bashful, basic, beautiful, brave, bright, calm, capable, caring, charming, cheerful, clever, considered,  consistent, courteous, content, cooperative, compatible, compassionate, competitive, complete, confident,  creative, courageous, curious, daring, dashing, dependable, decent, deserving, dignified, discreet, desirable, delightful, diligent, dynamic, efficient, elegant, emphatic,  empowering, energetic, entertaining, enthusiastic, fabulous, faithful, fascinating, flexible, forgiving, friendly, fulfilled, funny, fun to be with, gentle, generous, genuine, giving, good-hearted, gorgeous, gracious, grateful, grounded, happy, harmonious, helpful, healthy, honorable, honest, hopeful, humble, humorous, incredible, independent, industrious, imaginative, impeccable, important, inspiring, intelligent, interesting, intuitive, inventive, invigorating, joyful, jubilant, kind, liable, likable, loving, loveable, loyal, lucky, moderate, modest, musical, natural, nature-lover, nice, obedient, open, open-minded, outgoing, optimistic, patient, peaceful, polite,  powerful, practical, prompt, proud, purposeful, quiet, radiant, reliable, realistic, reasonable, relaxed, respectful, responsible, sane, secure, sensitive, serene, sincere, scientific, singer, smart, special, spontaneous, sporty, stable, supporting, talented, thankful, thinker, thoughtful, tolerant, trusting, trustworthy, unusual, unique, understanding, valuable, willing to admit faults, witty, warm, wonderful, worthy. 

1.    Holly – my one and only granddaughter.
I see you Holly as a bright, loving, beautiful, warm, independent, gracious, energetic, brave and cheerful young woman.

2.   Eva – my longest and best friend from College.
I see you Eva as a grateful, purposeful, humble, realistic, compassionate, down to
earth, loving, courageous, honest, independent, adventurous, energetic, genuine,
kind, understanding, warm, consistent and trustworthy friend

3.  Lynn – my first born daughter.
I see you Lynn as a beautiful, intelligent, loving, giving, daring, assertive, independent, sensitive, kind, cheerful and sincere person.

4.   Laura – my friend, my hiking and bowling buddy.
I see you Laura as a grateful, purposeful, assertive, realistic, reasonable, stubborn, stable, patient, daring, adventurous, intelligent, kind, musical, interesting, open-minded, sincere, independent, thoughtful, unique, and loyal person.

5.  Barbara – an acquaintance who has become a good friend of mine.
I see you Barbara as a responsible, assertive, honest creative, friendly, outgoing, energetic, intelligent, stable, helpful, kind, witty, powerful, and trustworthy person.

This activity is to see if I possess all the above qualities as well.  I looked into a mirror and asked myself:
“Am I bright, loving, beautiful, warm, independent, gracious, energetic brave, cheerful, grateful, purposeful, humble, realistic, compassionate, down to earth, courageous, honest, adventurous, genuine, kind, understanding, consistent, trustworthy, giving, daring, assertive sensitive, sincere, realistic, reasonable, stable, patient, daring, musical, interesting, open-minded, sincere, thoughtful, loyal, responsible, friendly, outgoing, stable, helpful, unique, powerful, and witty?” YES I AM. I may not be as brave, creative, compassionate, daring, patient, beautiful, open-minded and sensitive as my family and friends are, but I can certainly improve.  I strive to be whole, serene, peaceful woman, and I will make it my goal to become a better person even if it takes me the rest of my life to get there.



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