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My Al-Anon Goals


Specific              Detailed with clear outcome.

Measurable        Can be measured and known

Aligned              Aligned with my Purpose and Vision.

Reach                A stretch or Risk.

Time Frame        To be completed by a certain time.


  1. I want to attend at least three Al-anon meeting a week, preferably more, for the next three months.
  2. For my physical health, I will walk at least three times per week for a minimum of 45 minutes per walk.  I will continue to play tennis on weekends for the next three months.
  3. For my spiritual/mental health, I will read my three daily readers and do my daily meditation in order to stay in conscious contact with my Higher Power for the next three months.

This is important to me because by working on these goals it keeps me on track with my commitment to stay out of other peoples business and to enhance my peace and serenity.

The evidence will be, I’ll be able to detach, to improve my physical health, lower my blood pressure, and stay focused with the Al-Anon program.

These goals are for me, but my family will benefit from them too, I’ll be concentrating less on them and more on myself.

  1. It will keep me focused and more serene.
  2. It will improve my weight, agility and blood pressure.
  3. It will keep me in line with Al-Anon and give me peace and serenity.

I will feel good and probably continue on for the rest of my life if I can.

Actions steps = self discipline, put aside time and plan ahead every day and every week.



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