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My Mother Died From Alzheimer's

My mother died from Alzheimer's.  She lived seven years after she was diagnosed.  In the end, for almost two years, we were involved with hospice.  During that time, I flew to Southern California every other weekend to see my mother, my sister, who was her primary caretaker, and my dad.
Every time I went there things were different and there was less and less of my mother each time I went.  The idea of trusting God appears in many variations throughout our literature and in year three or four I came up with a version that worked for me:
Trust God no matter what it looks like.
No matter what it looks like.  That seemed to cover everything, and it worked for a while.  But when that version was no longer enough, I came up with part two:
Trust God no matter how long it takes.
And that covered everything else.



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