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Secret Places

As a child I had a secret place I went to often. When I wanted to be alone or when I was hurt of confused.  Where-ever it was I knew I could be safe there.

As an adult I have lost or forgotten my secret places.  Instead of hiding maybe I learned to run or build up defenses (called character defects).  I learned to cope without secret spaces, but I suffered for it!  Now I yearn for serenity/tranquility as I stop running or defending.

I started by asking my-self:  DO I HAVE A SECRET SPACE WHERE I AM SAFE AND SECURE?

I can create a secret space for my-self again.  My secret space can be in a favorite chair or even in my mind when I listen to a favorite song.  Wherever or whatever I do in times of need, my secret space will provide safety and security.  It’s okay to let the child in me run to a secret space in times of need.



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