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December 13th is Just Around the Corner

 Open to all District 11 Members...


WSO Group Records Team to be called AFG Records

WSO Group Has Been Renamed


Update With How To Start Al-Anon Group

WSO Update G12 Guideline


This is a "We" Program

We is the first word in the First Step and stated or implied in all the others.  I didn’t know what “we” meant when I came into the program.  I  had survived the best way I could in an environment of isolation,  judgment, and fear by developing a shield of self- sufficiency, pseudo-independence, self-will, and constant vigilance.  I did not trust my own instincts or the people around me.  It took four years of visiting Al-Anon, a ten year hiatus, and the hideous alcoholic descent of my child to bring me back to the program and to ask for a sponsor.

The safety of knowing Higher Power was in the room and on the phone when my sponsor and I spoke. It opened me to the miracle of what the “we” aspect of the program is all about.  It became safe to say what was on my mind and in my heart; safe to challenge what I did not understand;  safe to receive what my sponsor freely offered out of love because it enhanced her program of recovery, too.

I still sometimes forget that I am never alone, that Higher Power is always there for me.  It is most often through hearing other Al-Anon members speak or through giving the “we” program away to sponsees that I’m reminded of this ever present safety net of spiritual recovery.



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