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December 13th is Just Around the Corner

 Open to all District 11 Members...


WSO Group Records Team to be called AFG Records

WSO Group Has Been Renamed


Update With How To Start Al-Anon Group

WSO Update G12 Guideline


What Brought Me to Al-Anon

While attending a family meeting at a Rehab Hospital where my thirty year old daughter recovered from her methamphetamine addiction I totally fell apart, lost control, all my fears and anger took over and I totally interrupted the entire meeting.  Afterwards I was told by the family meeting leader to get myself to an Al-Anon meeting a.s.a.p.  A kind person took my hand and told me about a meeting in my town and offered to come with me.

I went the following Tuesday.  I was a mess, and not at all prepared to hear that I had a problem and that I needed to work on myself.  How dare they tell me, to keep the focus on myself!  My daughter needed fixing, not me! 
Keep coming back!  Never! I thought to myself. However, I kept on going every Tuesday night. I heard more and more similar stories.  Members shared their experiences, strengths and hopes and I started listening.

The three “C’s” had a big impact on me.  I didn’t cause it, I cannot control it, and I certainly cannot cure it.  My biggest problem with the first step was that I couldn’t accept that drug addiction/alcoholism is a disease.  My belief was that my daughter had a choice to say “no” to her first hit of methamphetamine whereas I didn’t have a choice when I was struck with breast cancer.  I quit cigarettes cold turkey years ago, why can’t she do the same? 
I am a grateful member of the Al-Anon program for 12 years now.  It took me a long time to get a sponsor. When I finally did and started working the steps, traditions and concepts it all fell together.  I know now that I will be in recovery for my Co-Dependency for the rest of my life.  I will stay in Al-Anon until the end.

I now make the program a priority.  I schedule other activities around my meetings. I attend four to five meetings a week.  I meditate a lot, I read the Al-Anon readers daily, I do service work, I share at meetings and yes I have spoken several times at different meetings, I also have four sponsees.  When I got busy I got better.  The three “A’s” had the biggest impact on my recovery.  I use them on a daily basis when I meditate on the first three steps.  Awareness, Acceptance and Action (meaning: Letting Go and Let God/Surrender).  Awareness/Acceptance that I was powerless over drugs/alcohol, other people, places and things.  Awareness and accepting this strengthened my faith and I came to believe that a Power greater than myself could restore me to sanity. My faith in my Higher Power gave me enough strength and trust to finally be able to surrender.  I first had to become more patient and humble and then I made a decision to turn my will and my live over to the care of God as I understood Him.
Wow, what a wonderful, relaxing feeling.  Every time I do this exercise I feel renewed, serene and peaceful one day at a time.



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