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December 13th is Just Around the Corner

 Open to all District 11 Members...


WSO Group Records Team to be called AFG Records

WSO Group Has Been Renamed


Update With How To Start Al-Anon Group

WSO Update G12 Guideline


What have I learned in this program?

  1. This program has taught me many, many tools.
  2. I have learned to be humble, patient, kind, and grateful, and how to have balance in my life now.
  3. Only when I made Al-Anon a priority in my life did I really grow. One meeting a week did not cut it. (That is called visiting) Two meetings a week is showing up. Three meetings a weeks is working it. I attend at least three, sometimes six or seven meetings a week.
  4. Get a sponsor ASAP. The first seven years I didn’t have a sponsor – the program didn’t come together for me.
  5. I now plan my appointments, my fun stuff, around my meetings. I let nothing come in the way of a meeting.
  6. How do I become a centered and balanced human being?
    1. By creating white space in my calendar (meaning I set an appointment with myself and let nobody or nothing else disturb me). Not answering the phone, not answering the door. This is my appointment with myself, just like a doctor’s appointment.
    2. By going to Al-Anon meetings and by meeting with my sponsees on a regular basis.
    3. I have hobbies. I love to play petanque (French version of bocce ball). I have done this since 1989. I play on weekends. It is an outdoor sport.
    4. I love music; I love skiing in winter, there is nothing more freeing than being up in the mountains and skiing down hill. It feels like flying. I love hiking. In nature I feel in contact with God.
    5. I love knitting, crocheting, embroidering.
    6. I love playing the piano and singing.
    7. I meditate daily, sometimes more than once. I meditate on the first three steps and apply the “3 A’s”. Awareness, Acceptance and Action = Letting Go and Let God and Surrender. I step out of my will. It’s in His will and in His time not mine.
    8. I love the movies, the theatre and the opera.
    9. I love reading. I love writing. I have a God box.
    10. I am never bored, that word doesn’t exist in my vocabulary.
    11. I love my slogans. I have a slogan box. I choose one slogan per week and try to live by it. There are 15 Al-Anon approved slogans in Hope for Today. I personally added one more, my addict in recovery sent it to me, it’s my absolute favorite one: Let Go or Get Dragged.
    12. I take daily inventory (Step Ten). Every night I try to reflect on what went well today and what didn’t go well. Do I owe amends to anyone, even myself? Or did everything go rather smoothly?
    13. I try very hard to apply my 12 steps to my daily life.
    14. I try very hard to apply my 12 traditions to other outside task that I am involved in. For example I am on the Board of Directors in our Ball Club and I am dealing with all kinds of personalities. I am always reminded of the twelfth traditions: Principles above Personalities. This particular phrase I finally understand now. It took a long time.
    15. I do service in Al-Anon. A year ago I took on a three years commitment at the Book Depot for Marin County. I do have four sponsees. I am filling in for peoples’ positions when they are unable to attend a meeting. I share on a regular basis. Sharing is Caring.
    16. Gratitude is a wonderful tool. Create a Gratitude List!

Yes, it is possible to have serenity and peace in this program.



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