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Annual 10:00am Step Study Meeting November 22

Join the Al-Anon 10:00am Step Study Meeting for its Annual Sharing of Gratitude!!!!


District 3 Fire Devastation

NCWSC District 3 Fire Devastation


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Thursday 10:00 am Step Study Meeting December Potluck!!!



Member's views:

Finding and now having a sponsor has been so powerful for me. When I first started considering it, I knew instantly who I wanted to ask. I knew that she might not say yes and I was so scared to ask her. I even went to other meetings to find other candidates, but kept finding that every time she spoke, there was something in her that resonated with me.  She would share in such a truthful and humble way.  It wasn’t important if she was a “perfect” example, it was more important to know she was working the Steps and that I felt a connection and that I could trust her. After a year, I finally summoned the courage to ask her to be my sponsor. She replied that she had to ask her sponsor if she had worked enough steps to be my sponsor.  Eventually, the suspense was broken and she let me know that she could. We don’t have a perfectly synchronized friendship, but I feel that we were brought together for so many reasons. I’m so glad I found my courage, because she’s been there for me in ways that no one in my life ever knew had been and it’s been such a blessing in working my program.

For more on find, becoming and being a sponsor, read the notes from the Sponsorship Thoughtforce workshop under the Resources tab on this website.

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